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Find out more about how Bobby Bear can help make positive, more healthier choices.

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Childhood obesity is at an all time high and adults are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. bobby bear fun & fitness is your resource for all of your fitness and nutrition needs. Become a part of P.A.W. Nation and accomplish all of your goals!

Bobby Bear Fun & Fitness is a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program geared specifically for children 2 years and up. Exercise sessions are held during and after school hours. Each week there is a different theme focusing on nutrition and exercise. Exercise sessions concentrate on the cardiovascular system while aiding children in developing balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and movement awareness. Being a part of P.A.W. Nation means you are committed to bringing health and positivity to a new level.

P.A.W. Nation

  • Positive role model for children!
  • Promotes highest standards of health and fitness!
  • Empowering children to develop postive choices for a healthier lifestyle!